Already covered under mediclaim insurance. I don't need portability!

Health insurance purchase is one the most important financial planning decisions and can be tricky to navigate. Almost all Non-life insurance companies offer health insurance now, and some of them have multiple plans, which can further complicate the decision.

Most of the people get health insurance from an employer. Those who do not have this option, get it from acquaintances, relatives, or as part of a loyalty benefit program from various sources. Several questions may arise if we introspect on our decision:

  1. Have we based our purchase on our current health situation?
  2. Which policy covers a wider scope of benefit?
  3. What about the cost of insurance purchased?
  4. Are we happy and satisfied with our existing insurance policy and premium?

We skip this quick and important step; we could miss out on a policy that's much better tailored to us and our family.

If we want answers to the above questions, health insurance portability is a great option for existing policy holders.

Unlike in the past, we can now decide on our preferred insurance policy and not worry about losing continuity benefit. Health insurance portability is a big advantage for customers who have purchased insurance with insignificant knowledge about benefits and are dissatisfied with insurer's services.

Queries about Individual Policy Portability